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게시판 상세
제목 About my short introduction.
작성자 관리자(konglish)  (     작성날짜 2021-03-30 20:39:27     조회수 15  

1. Where about ? 

Born in Deagu city and living in Teajon dong, BukGu, in Deagu.


2. How about your marriage plan ?

Frankly, I am thinking of a man who cares for me.

As well, he is a professional doctor for kids but he is still poor.

But I think that he is a nice man. Most of all, he loves kids like I do.

As well, I hope that he will help me lay a new-born babies at my elderly age.

I hope that I will marry to him some time this year someday before my parents die.


3. How about 돌모아's future plan ?

It will be exporting by my members, if any, hopefully.


4. How about your religion ?

Honestly to say that I am a protestant as well as a presibitarian Christian woman.


5. How about your character ?

I am quite reserved, shy and from time to time talkative like my parents,

my brother and sisters, my nephew and niece. 


If any questions about me, please let me know.


Thank you for your care and interest in our neighborhood and in our society.